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Do you have some basic questions about team placement, scheduling, age question, and etc check out our FAQ page prior to emailing your league rep or registrar as we answer a lot of questions on that page.


If you have any other questions contact the league rep for your child's age.

American League

Welcome to the 2018 LSBA AL Tournament! As always, we appreciate your support, and hope you and your families enjoy your experience playing with us.

This year we are using a new platform for the tournament brackets. Please download the Tourney Machine APP from your mobile device or tablet in the APP store for APPLE and ANDROID! Weather and other updates will be posted on this page, as well as our normal tournament website. For all the latest updates like our system, please "FOLLOW" your team through the Tourney Machine App! All scores, bracket information, and weather updates will happen through the app or website if you follow your team. This is a link to the tournament if you don't have a smartphone. If you have a smart phone download the app at:



Once you download the app for your phone click on the "I'm at the event" button and you will see an LSBA AL Tournament.

****** NO UPDATES WILL HAPPEN IN SPORTSMANAGER. Those schedules are not correct there and merely place holders for umpire assignment. ******

The pool games were picked completely at random, this way we didn't need to wait on anything to end before we could start on the tournament schedule. The regular season and tournament are not tied to each other which is why we hand out trophies for both events.

If you have any questions let me know. Below are the tie breaker rules for bracket determination.

Thanks, and good luck!
SEEDING PROCEDURE (First factor is Win-Loss record)
Two Way Tie
1. Head to Head between tied teams
2. Total Run differential
3. Runs Allowed
4. Runs Scored
5. Actual run differential in last pool game
6. Coin Flip

Three (or more) Way Tie
1. Head to Head (if sweep)
2. Total Run differential
3. Runs Allowed
4. Runs Scored
5. Actual run differential in last pool game
6. Coin Flip

RA=Runs Allowed
RS=Runs Scored
LAD=Last Actual Differential

IMPORTANT: Run differential maximum

1. Forfeits will be scored 7-0
2. Maximum run spread per game is 7 regardless of score.
Note: When 3 or more teams are tied and there is not a common opponent amongst all tied teams, run differential is the first tie breaker.
Ties will be counted as a .5 win and .5 loss.

LSBA fall tournament series 2018

**** Note this year's change to Fall Ball. You will be granted 3 entries into Triple Crown's fall schedule. You will play in the Aug 24th thru 26 TCS Woodbat Fall Classic and Nov 2nd thru 4th TCS Fall Finally and your choice between the other 3 remaining Fall tournaments.


The fees for this year will cover 3 tournaments and practice space at Legacy park. Rosters are 15 players maximum.

**** LSBA Fall Baseball provides play at the age the players will be for the next year's summer season. (For example: A 9U team from this summer would play 10U in fall baseball.) Total registration cost is $500.00 8U Machine Pitch; $900 ages 9-10U; $1000 ages 11-14U $50.00 deposit, non-refundable, is due now; balance is due by managers meeting. (TBD August)

**** NO Individual Sign ups ****
**** Your child needs to be on a team we do not place children on teams in competitive baseball ****
**** This page is for coaches only looking to bring their team. If you are a parent and your child is not on a team you cannot sign up.

For questions contact
Otis Miller ( with questions.

For more information about, pricing, or to sign up for the LSBA fall tournament series visit the LSBA fall tournament series page. We are transitioning over to new software so keep that in mind when you click the link. By spring the whole website will be using the DICK'S Sporting Goods website.


The Spring season will be starting soon and LSBA is always on the lookout for new and experienced umpires to work during our Fall session. We will be holding a training session for those who are new to umpiring to teach mechanics, footwork and positioning for all ages. We will be holding this training session in February. Please click on the umpire link at the top right corner of the page for requirements to umpire and what we have to offer. If you are a new umpire to LSBA looking to pick up some games during the fall or looking to start umpiring for the first time, please contact Aaron Garnett at
Thank you for your help getting this updated and all your help over the weekend! Please let me know if you have any questions.
-Thank you-
Aaron Garnett
UIC Training and Evaluations
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